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Taylor Day is an expert on personal finance. She covers everything from personal loans to student loans and general financial issues. Her work has been featured on the top-rated media outlets like Time, CBS News, Huffington Post, Business Insider, AOL, MSN, and many more. Taylor is fascinated by finding new ways to earn extra cash. Her favorite is a guy who made 600 dollars a month selling crickets on the internet. She writes about saving, investing, and finding ways to fund college without loans.

How Can I Tell Whether My Loan Has a Fixed Interest Rate? | Fast Cash Loans

You can tell if the loan is a variable or fixed by studying the loan contract and the repayment terms before signing the loan. If you’re in doubt, speak with…

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When Is the Best Time to Start Establishing Credit? | Easy Loans

Help your child begin to build credit by registering your child to your authorized user’s list on the card. Monitoring your child’s health and safety is essential to a mother’s…

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How to Pay Off Debt When Having a Low Income

The process of figuring out how to pay off the debt burden on a budget isn’t an easy task. Although certain financial “gurus” recommend that you cut down on coffee…

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How Do Payday Loans Online Works & What You Should Avoid

Things to Know about Payday Loans? It’s a high-cost, short-term loan for a little sum, often $500 or less, expected to be paid back with the borrower’s following income. A…

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What Can Payday Loans Use For: Advantage & Disadvantage

What Can Payday Loans Use For? Who Uses Them and Why?  Obtaining a loan from DimeBucks may be one of the options to explore when financial obligations arise while you…

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